Windows 11 is already among us, still in the testing phase, and little by little we are getting to know the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system for computers, it has been with us for a few weeks. Teams that can install it are limited, due to high requirements, but performance can be improved for fairer ones by simply disabling two basic options.

This is to turn off both animations in Windows 11 and transparencies, so that computers with less powerful hardware free up the RAM it uses in these minor tasks for more important ones.

Ideal when there are no specs to spare

These improvements are very visual, it must be said, but in teams that are in a hurry, any savings are welcome, especially when, as in this case, the changes do not disrupt our daily use.

Steps to turn off animations and transparencies in Windows 11 Simply go to the “Settings” menu and on the left side of the screen, find the “Accessibility” section in the options column.

By clicking on “Accessibility”, a series of options are displayed on the right, among which one chooses “Visual effects”, the second in the list.

In “Visual Effects” we will see both “Animation Effects” and “Transparency Effects” in two fields. Just click on each of them to turn them off.

Only by turning off the “transparency effects” will we see the change, as the window passes this attractive blur effect to have a solid color. We will see the absence of animations in the rest of the interactions with Windows 11.

These Windows 11 effects and animations are very visual and make the operating system quite attractive, but they can hurt the performance of the system if we do not have very powerful hardware.