How to test the Workspaces feature in Edge to better organize tabs in the browser

Microsoft is already testing a new feature in Edge that responds to the name of workspaces, allows users to create tab groups, and organize open tabs when they open them. A measure that is being tested on some users and that we will now see how to test on any PC.

With workspaces, the user can organize the tabs open in the browser, which is especially useful, especially when we are working. To activate it, just install Edge in the Canary version and follow these steps.

Organize the tabs

The workspaces allow you to customize the groups of tabs since they allow you to assign each group a color and a name to facilitate its identification. These workspaces are now displayed in the browser slide sidebar, which appears when you click the icon.

In Engadget Windows This is what the vertical and resizable tabs look like that can already be tested in Edge for Windows and macOS

In addition, the user can create more workspaces or add more tabs to an already created one by simply clicking again on the same icon and clicking on the button with the “+” symbol.

How to test the functionality of workspaces in Edge

To test the new feature, you need to install the most recent version of Edge Canary which you can download from this link and then right click on the shortcut to Edge Canary that appears on the desktop.

Click on the “Edge properties” window and in the “Destination” field, enter this instruction with the precaution of leaving an empty space at the beginning ** –enable-features = msWorkspaces **.

At this point, all that’s left to do is restart the browser and you can start using workspaces in Edge.

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