If you own an entry-level or mid-range Xiaomi mobile, you may have encountered a performance handicap. MIUI 12 is a resource consuming ROM, so cleaning the RAM and cache every now and then doesn’t hurt to make it run faster and make sure nothing has been frozen in the background.

So that you don’t have to go to settings every time you want to do it or install applications, we are going to teach you how to speed up your Xiaomi from the desktop, thanks to hidden shortcuts.

Speed ​​up your Xiaomi with shortcuts

Xiaomi has a powerful security tool that serves both to protect the device and to clean it. It’s not a bad thing, in general, that the device has little RAM available, as it tends to fill up naturally. However, if our phone is low on memory, it doesn’t hurt to clean it every now and then, especially if we’re going to play.

If you want to create a shortcut that with just one click leaves your Xiaomi very clean, you just need to follow these steps. Of course, it is necessary that your mobile is updated to the latest version of MIUI to ensure its proper functioning.

Open the settings of your Xiaomi Click on ‘Applications’ Go to ‘System application settings’ Click on the ‘Security’ application Click on ‘Manage shortcuts’ Add those of ‘Clean’ and ‘Deep cleaning’

What is the difference between these two cleaning methods? If we click on “Clean”, the RAM memory processes will be eliminated but, if we click on “Deep clean”, in addition to the RAM, the cache memory will also be cleaned, which does not hurt to delete, especially if we have little memory on the phone.

In case we have a somewhat low end mobile, we can speed up the phone with this process, although it is not advisable to abuse it, as temporary memory is not a problem if it does not exist. do not accumulate excessively.