Technology has become so capable and pervasive in our lives that sometimes it’s really amazing what it is capable of. Today we are talking about apps that help us sleep better. Steve Jobs’ later ad campaign claim of “there is an app for this” or “there is an app for this” is more true than ever. Today we’re going to review three great apps for improving the quality of our nightly sleep and an interesting wildcard for summer nights.

Here is the iPhone 12 Pro: the most advanced iPhone yet

Apple Watch and watchOS 7: the default option

We started, how could it be otherwise, by talking about the Apple Watch’s sleep monitoring itself. A system that arrived with watchOS 7 and which is improving on watchOS 8 to allow us to keep clear control over the number of hours of sleep.

Thanks to this system, we can set the reminder to go to bed as well as the time we want the alarm clock to ring. Within this schedule we can configure different hours for different days of the week, ideal to give us an extra break on weekends or to adapt to certain work rhythms, for example.

The information that the application offers us is simple, but valuable, in the charts of the Health application we will see the number of hours of sleep, the heart rate and if we have an Apple Watch Series 6 the oxygen level. in the blood.

AutoSleep: lots and lots of information

If we want more information about our sleep patterns, the benchmark app has to be AutoSleep, which we have already analyzed in Applesfera. An application that, simply by using our Apple Watch, collects even the smallest detail of our dream and shows it in the different graphics. Thanks to the application’s artificial intelligence system, it classifies the different stages of deep, average and awake sleep and assigns them a score.

To go further, the application translates all this information into several rings, very similar to the Apple Watch activity rings, which indicate sleep time, quality, heart rate, etc. Lots of information at a glance which can then be accessed more precisely through graphs and tables.

Sleep ++: free automation

Finally, we must talk about Sleep ++, a free application that is halfway between the native functions of the Apple Watch and the incredible amount of information of AutoSleep. With this app, we can schedule reminders and see summaries of sleep hours which, thanks to a clear color code, separate the best rest hours from those of light sleep. The app also collects the interval of our best rest.

Too much heat? HomeKit to the rescue

Finally, in this hot summer, a special mention must be made to HomeKit. Specifically to the Tado V3 thermostat, which allows us to control the air conditioning from our iPhone or Apple Watch in the easiest way.

With this system we can automate the activation or deactivation of the air at times that suit us and, above all, we can take the same thermostat into the room, even if the air is in the living room, for example, so whether the actual room temperature is the room to be taken into account.

As we said before, it is truly impressive to see how far technology penetrates the areas of our life. These three sleep tracking apps are proof of that. Three apps that can really make the difference in getting a good rest, since, as the saying goes, “a good day is preceded by a good night”.

Image | Greg Rivers