In this article, we are going to tell you how to turn off the iPhone in three different ways. This is a very useful tutorial if you have just upgraded from an Android phone to an iPhone or if you have just upgraded to a newer model. So let’s see what these methods consist of.

How to Disable iPhone from Settings

The way to turn off the iPhone without buttons in between requires using the settings. It is a way to turn it off if at any time they are not working or if we do not have easy access to it, for whatever reason (it can be placed in a car holder, for example). To turn off iPhone from Settings, follow these steps:

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General. At the very end, you will see a stop button. You will see how the power off button appears, which requires sliding it from left to right.

When you move the button in the right direction, your iPhone turns off. To turn it on, you need to press the power button.

Turn off your iPhone by pressing the correct buttons

Here the main difference when it comes to turning off an iPhone with the buttons is the model we have. The main distinction is whether our iPhone has Face ID or Touch ID, although the two play no part in the process. To turn off the iPhone with the physical buttons, we will do the following:

iPhone with Touch ID or Home button: Press and hold the Wake/Sleep button, wait for the power button to appear onscreen, then slide it. iPhone with Face ID: Press and hold the sleep and wake button and the volume up or down button, wait for the power button to appear on the screen and slide it.

The screen will go black and finally after a few seconds the iPhone will shut down.

Use Assistive Touch to Shut Down iPhone

One of the lesser-known ways to turn off the iPhone is by using AssistiveTouch. This is an accessibility feature that we can take advantage of for other purposes, such as turning off the iPhone. First, we need to configure it as follows:

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Accessibility > Shortcut. There, check only AssistiveTouch and close the settings. From now on, you can triple tap the power button to bring up a button with more menus inside.

This classic button that we can move anywhere on the screen can help us turn off the iPhone. Click on it, choose Device, press More and click on SOS. There the menu will be displayed where we can turn off the iPhone with the usual slider.