Having a television with Android TV means, among other things, being able to access almost the entire catalog (not all of them are compatible) of applications, many of which are already used on the Android mobile, and as on the mobile, on Android TV We can turn automatic updates on or off and that’s what we’ll explain now.

Having the ability to update applications without us having to intervene in the process is an advantage, because it allows us to be up to date and with all the improvements launched by the developers. The problem can arise if we have limited data … and we may be interested in turning it off.

Application control

For the tutorial I used a Sony TV with Android TV and in other brands the menus or some names may change but the steps are basically the same.

It’s about finding access to the Google Play Store, which is actually very simple, since I activated it directly in the first row of applications. If not, just take a look at where you anchored it.

Once inside the Google Play Store, you will see a series of options appear and among all of them you have to look at your profile icon, located at the top right. Pressing it opens the settings or configuration screen.

Among all the sections, we must click on “Settings”, which is the one that gives us access to the functions that we are looking for. We will then see different images with various possibilities on the right and we will look at the first one.

With the title “Automatically update applications”, all you have to do is click on this access to be able to modify our preferences by checking “Do not update applications automatically”.

In this way, we will be the ones who will have to check if there are any pending updates for the applications that we have installed by periodically accessing the Google Play Store in the section “Manage applications and games”.

In addition, we can modify other parameters and for example in the section “Payments and subscriptions” in the “Parameters” we can activate or not, different methods of authentication in the purchases.

This step is the perfect step so that no one other than you or someone else with access to your account can download and purchase apps, and we can choose between using the PIN, password or not. request authentication.

Android TV offers a large number of options as soon as we move around the system and these, linked to the Google Play Store, are a little more hidden and can be really interesting to strengthen the security of our account.