Photos that can only be viewed once were posted to the beta of WhatsApp for Android a few weeks ago and have finally been posted for everyone. As the name suggests, WhatsApp prevents you from seeing these photos multiple times, but after the law cheated, and we have already found a way to see them as many times as we want. Also, without showing them as open.

Photos that disappear are marked as open when they are opened for the first and only time. It is not possible to reopen it after closing it. While you are free to take a screenshot, it will still show as open. Unless you do a little simple trick using WhatsApp Web or for PC.

1. Open WhatsApp Web

One of the first things that comes to your mind when trying to trick WhatsApp in such a situation is to turn on airplane mode on the mobile, open the photo, close the app, and turn off airplane mode. . However, this trick does not work because WhatsApp locally saves that you have opened the photo and will forward it to the other person as soon as you reconnect to the network.

However, this method works in the company of WhatsApp Web or for desktop. Unlike WhatsApp for mobile, WhatsApp for PC syncs from mobile every time you open it again, so it doesn’t ‘say’ you opened the photo or video when it regains connectivity. . So the first step is to open WhatsApp Web or for PC.

2. Activate airplane mode on your mobile

Photos or videos that can be viewed once are fully downloaded to the mobile before they can be opened, so wait for the download to complete. If it is a photo it will be very fast, but in the case of videos it may take a while.

Check that the photo visible once looks ready to open in WhatsApp for mobile and WhatsApp for PC, then turn on airplane mode on mobile. Even if the mobile is disconnected, the photo can still be opened.

Wait for the photo to load, but don’t open it on your mobile. Activate airplane mode instead

3. Open the photo in WhatsApp Web or for PC

Now is the time to open the photo in WhatsApp Web or for PC. Unlike WhatsApp for mobile, since it has no connectivity, you can open and close it as many times as you want, without it ever showing up as open.

4. Close WhatsApp Web and turn off airplane mode

When you are bored of seeing the photo over and over again, close WhatsApp Web or for PC completely, then you can safely turn off the airplane mode of the mobile. The photo remains unmarked as open.

The photo does not appear open on the mobile or on WhatsApp Web (if you open it again), neither for you nor for the person who sent it

Best of all, you can open WhatsApp Web or PC without fear and it still won’t show as open. Since the photos that can be viewed once are still in testing, there is still a possibility that WhatsApp will fix this “error” in a future update.