We will explain to you how to consult the electricity consumption of your household in real time on the Internet, a very simple and useful process, especially with the increase in electricity prices that we have been experiencing for some time and which has increased the cost of electricity. electricity bill in a remarkable way.

We can check the consumption, physically, if we can access the meter. But even more comfortable, we can know how much we are spending just by going to the customer area of ​​the distributor that serves us or to its corresponding application. And along with the consumption, we will see other data, such as power peaks or average monthly consumption.

Distributors and traders

And the first step is to know which company is invoicing you for electricity each month, it is the distributor. It may coincide with the marketing company, which is the one that carries the light and manages it in a certain area. The two may or may not be the same, depending on the case.

In this sense, in Spain we have 625 electricity distribution companies and 333 electricity distribution companies. The traders are those who manage the energy offered by the first (distributors) and distribute it to households and businesses. If you go to the merchant’s site, what you can check is the electricity bill, the one that comes home every month, but not the consumption in real time.

The distributors as you can see, there are many, but some are more familiar to you than others (Endesa, Iberdrola, Unión Fenosa, E-Redes EDP, Viesgo …) This card that Holaluz offers determines which company is predominantly distributed in each area. For example, in my case the dominant distributor is Endesa, the old Seville.

Here you can see the difference between Distributor (Endesa) and Marketer (Repsol)

For its part, the number of traders, those who serve us energy at home, there are even more. In my case, for example, I have Repsol, and until recently I was an Endesa customer. We can change marketers as many times as we want, unless we are subject to some permanence.

Internet consultation

The company being already located, it remains to go to the corresponding website of our distribution company in which we will have to be registered (and if we are not, we register) as customers in order to access our data. For the guide, we have selected the above five, the most important and the steps and data that should be provided in each of them.

If we are not registered we have to do it and in the process every company will ask us for a set of data, so it is always great to have all the documentation handy and ready to save time. As an example, we have selected the five most important that operate in Spain.

Endesa Distribución: To register, you need your first and last name, your ID or passport scanned to download it, a contact email, your mobile number and your address. Iberdrola Distribución: To register you need the CUPS code that you will find on your electricity bill, a contact email and your Unión Fenosa Distribución mobile number: To register you need your surname and first name, your identity document or passport and an e-mail. E-Redes EDP Distribución: To register you need the CUPS code which you will find on your electricity bill, your ID or passport, a contact email and your mobile number. Viesgo Distribución: To register you need your ID or passport and a contact email.

The only condition for this data to be available on the network and on each company’s website is that your home has a smart meter. These are the new models that are being installed and transmitting the data so that you can view them online. New meters that have replaced the traditional ones.

Once inside and among all the tangle of data, we turn to the section with a title similar to “looking up the meter” or “accessing the meter online. At this point we can look at the data. of the meter associated with our contract. A process that can sometimes give an error, so just by insisting again, we will have access to the data that we are looking for.

Consultation via the app

If we don’t have a computer and want to make it even easier, a phone is a great option. And is that many of these companies have their own applications with which we can access all the data in our account. You just have to register or enter the same information as on the web to be able to consult the consumption that we have at home.

Both in the request that we make via the web and in the corresponding application, the power that we have contracted and the power that we consume are displayed in real time.

The interface between applications and web services can change depending on the distributor, but the fields are basically the same and the one we are interested in is referred to the counter query, which allows you to know how much you are spending at the moment.