Notifications are one of the most important parts of our iPhone or iPad. Thanks to them, we are aware of all the news in our devices as well as in our networks and our environment. Sometimes, however, too many notifications can distract us from the most relevant ones. Next, let’s see how to see how many notifications an app sends us each day and what we can do about it.

Usage time also shows us notifications

Usage time is a characteristic of all our iPhones and iPads which, in addition to letting us know how many hours we spend in front of the screen, collects the number of notifications we receive each day. This is essential information for us to have a clear and comprehensive picture of our notifications. Viewing this information is very simple, the steps are as follows:

We open the Settings app on our iPhone or iPad. We are entering the usage time. We tap on See all activities. At the top right, we touch Devices. We choose our iPhone or iPad.

Once here we will find the list of notifications at the bottom, which will show us their daily average with the app responsible for them. A single press on Show more will add more items to this list.

From there we can handle the notifications very easily. We just touch the app we’re interested in and turn notifications on or off entirely, prevent them from showing on the lock screen, turn off balloons, etc. Options that will allow us to reduce, or simply eliminate, the number of notifications we receive from a certain application.

In general, we’ll say it’s better to run one app at the top of the list than five at the bottom, but the truth is it’s a good idea that we use this information to turn off notifications from any app that isn’t. not interesting to us. Ultimately, cumulatively, the distractions add up throughout the day.

Fortunately, thanks to Time of use, we can see all system notifications from a bird’s eye view. A very interesting approach to determining what to disable and what to prioritize.

Image | Jamie Street