The Maps app can give us directions to any address we research or store in our collections. From there, there are usually several routes to get to the same place. The optimal? It depends on the time of day, traffic, road conditions, etc. Let’s see how to ask Maps to see the alternative routes to reach the destination in the fastest, most efficient and most comfortable way.

How to display alternative routes before travel

The alternative routes are presented to us in two moments, before we start driving while we are planning the route and, if we wish, while we are on the way. Let’s look at the two possibilities. The steps are very simple:

We open the Maps app. We write our search in the Find a place or an address box. When the results appear, we choose the one that interests us. We click on Route. We choose By car, On foot or Public T.

This is where Maps presents us with several possible routes and shows them both in the map view and in the detailed view, which we access by dragging the map at the bottom of the screen upwards. It also shows the total journey time, as well as whether the route has tolls.

Here we just have to choose the route we prefer. We can touch it on the map to select it, then press GO or press GO in the list in detail to the right of the route we want to choose.

How to see alternative routes during the trip

Change of scenery, we calmly follow our route when something unexpected makes us want to take an alternative route. In this case, the steps are as follows:

We touch the black part which contains the indications at the top of the screen. In doing so, we see the route summary view, as well as its alternative routes, as well as information about the differences from the current route in terms of duration and cost. We touch the alternative route we want to use.

As soon as we have chosen the new route, the maps will show us the directions and we can follow them. It’s easy.

Which route to choose is sometimes just as important as where we’re going, when it is, we’ll know how Maps makes it very easy for us to choose the path we prefer.