Did you buy an app from Google Play and later regret it? The Android store offers a direct refund from the app itself, but only after the following hours. Then there is an easy way to request a refund directly from Google, at least if you live in Europe. We explain how to do it.

It’s not that Android offers too many paid applications since the free download or “free-to-play” format is the one that prevails in the store. Of course, in-app purchases are more than present: it’s too common to come across them. Therefore, it is not strange to make a mistake in an acquisition, to regret it or even to be ripped off. And Google has a return mechanism you should know about.

Request the return with a web form

The Google Play Store offers various ways to refund money from purchased apps, including micropayments. In general, it is enough to click on the “Get Refund” button, in the application’s own folder, and Google will automatically return the money. After a while, this button no longer appears.

Google specifies in its refund policy that returns can be handled with Google itself up to 48 hours after purchase. After this time, the developer should be contacted so that they can assess whether or not to refund the money. This is valid for paid apps, also for in-app purchases and subscriptions.

How to request a refund if you no longer see the “Get a refund” button on Google Play? Let’s see.

Go to this link and sign in with your Google account (if you haven’t signed in already). You can use mobile browser or desktop browser. Click “Continue” to start the process. Confirm the account from which you made the purchases. Google will show you the latest purchases you’ve made in the Play Store. Check the one you want to return. Choose a reason for requesting the refund. Continue the process until it is complete. Google will make the necessary arrangements and, if you are eligible for the return, you will receive the refund for the purchase in your account.

Refunds may be requested for most recent purchases. Of course, the return will not always be made since it is necessary that it is Google which evaluates its adequacy. According to our tests, the refund is generally made within an hour of the request; however many it may extend up to several days later.