Despite the limits that Netflix wants to impose, it is possible that at some point you have shared your account with certain people and that when the time comes you want to remove access. It’s about preventing that person or others from logging in again, something you can configure from the app itself.

You can revoke access for one or more people so that they can no longer access your account. At this point, it will be important to change the password so that they cannot log in again. This way, everyone who was logged into the account will no longer be logged in.

Intruder outside our account

It’s about doing a kind of clean slate and starting to use the app from scratch. To achieve this, you need to follow all the steps on the Netflix website. You need to enter and you can do it from PC browser and mobile browser. For the tutorial, I used the web browser on the computer.

Once the session has started, you must click on your profile and then on the next screen on the “Account” option which is located in the upper right corner.

Once in the account settings, you must find the “Settings” section and click on the “Sign out on all devices” option.

A screen opens asking if you want to sign out of all devices. In this button you need to click on the “Close session” button and immediately all logged in users will lose access.

To prevent them from reconnecting now, you need to change the password. Again, you need to go to account settings and find the “Subscription and billing” section.

Among all the available options, you must choose “Change password” and prevent people who already know the password from being able to access the service again. The process is usual: you have to type the current password and then type the new one you want to use twice. For added security, you can force all devices to log in with the new password.

Now other people won’t be able to access the account unless you provide them with the new password you created. From this moment you will see that there is also no connected device.