You have been sitting on the sofa and watching TV for hours, and suddenly a notice pops up on your TV that it will turn off shortly if you don’t press any button. The controller happens to be too far to reach, and you end up crying for not paying attention to this article and following the steps we’ll talk about below.

Televisions often offer power saving settings. This is normal, since these are devices that are usually on for many hours. However, sometimes they can annoy the user, like the message we talked about earlier. In this article, we’ll tell you how to disable these measures on your TV with Android TV and continue enjoying that series or movie that has you so addicted without distractions.

As we mentioned, this article is designed for TVs with Google operating system. Manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Sony, Philips, TCL, Panasonic, Hisense, among others, integrate this software into a large part of their televisions. That is why this guide will mainly serve this type of TV, although we can also find similar options in other operating systems.

Steps to Disable Power Saving Settings on Android TV

Disabling these types of options is quite simple. You just have to go to the settings panel and enter some sections that we show you below:

We go to the settings panel. Select the “Device Preferences” tab. We enter the ‘Energy saving’ section. Here we can set a longer idle time or disable the option completely.

With the steps described we can disable this annoying message that warns us to turn off the television. However, there are also other power saving settings dedicated to the screensaver. And it is that we can also modify the waiting time until the screen saver is activated, or even deactivate it. We can do it in the following way:

We open the TV settings panel. Select the “Device Preferences” option. We enter the ‘Screen saver’ section. In this menu we can set the time, deactivate the option or manage the suspension options.

Depending on the type of TV we will have more or less energy parameters, it all depends on the technologies that the TV includes. However, these are the two main sections to pay special attention to when changing power settings on TVs with Android TV.