The iPhone does not have a notification LED like some Android models do. This LED lights up in different colors depending on the application responsible for the notification, but in the Apple terminal this does not happen because it does not exist. Despite this, there is the option to use flash for notifications on the iPhone.

How to Use iPhone Flash for Notifications

Setting and removing notification flash on iPhone is very simple. You just have to do the following:

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Flashing LED Warnings. There you will see a button to enable or disable notification flash on iPhone.

This function is intended for the hearing impaired. When any notification arrives (calls, messages, emails, etc.), the iPhone flash lights up in different ways to attract attention. When the iPhone is silent, instead of turning on the terminal flash, we will see the screen do it.

In addition to helping people with hearing problems, it can be interesting to use it together or instead of the sounds of the applications. It’s a quiet way and it may be more convenient in some situations than others. The main drawback is that in the cinema, theater or just sleeping, it can be more boring than usual.

The truth is, accessibility features have many other uses, like helping us turn off the iPhone. Either way, it’s an additional way to know when a call or message is coming to your iPhone.