Canned music, as some define it, is very present in our lives. Thanks to the subscription, we can access a large number of songs and create our own music lists on platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music or Spotify. And with the latter we end up with a tutorial to recover a playlist when we lose sight of it.

In cases where we delete a playlist by mistake (or without error), the platform allows us to recover it. So don’t panic if we’ve lost this compilation of several hundred songs that took us months or even years to create.

Deleted listings come back to life

If we have mistakenly deleted a playlist on Spotify, we can recover it through the platform’s web player or from the desktop application. We must access this link and once inside enter our profile once logged in. Just tap the shortcut at the top right of the screen.

We will see a new screen with a series of options in the left column. We look at “Recover Playlist” and click on this section.

In the main area of ​​the screen we will see information with the playlist or deleted lists. The date we deleted it appears, the number of songs it contained, and a button, “Restore,” to press.

At this point, the list reappears among the playlists created in Spotify as if we had never deleted it.