Phone calls are the best way to connect with your loved ones, but iOS users are under the knife when recording voice calls on their devices. Users worldwide love iPhones due to their security policies that protect their data. In this blogpost we talk about How To Record A Phone Call On iPhone? 

For this reason, the iPhone doesn’t allow third-party apps to record voice calls. In some states, you must get consent from the other person on the line before recording their voice. It is considered illegal in some US and UK regions to record calls from their iPhones. 

When you record a voice call, you have to bear some harsh consequences of that in the future. Make sure you stay on top of your country’s laws when doing that. Saving the voice calls on an iPhone can be tricky but don’t worry; our convenient tech methods have covered you. 

You can easily record voice calls on your iPhone for free by following these methods. Keep reading this article to explore some interesting ways for storing your voice calls within minutes.

  1. Use Google voice

If you are looking to record incoming voice calls, then google voice is the must have app on your phone. Suppose you don’t have google voice install the app immediately on your phone. Some essential info includes phone number, city, and area could work here for setting up google voice.

Now follow these steps to proceed with recording calls on your iOS.

  • Once you are done setting up your google voice app, go to the webpage of Google voice.
  • Now you will see a setting icon on the top of the software.
  • Scroll down the setting option and make sure to turn on the incoming call options. 
  • Once you are done setting up google voice, test out this software by calling someone.
  1. Record calls from google voice

Follow the above steps to record a call from google voice.

  • As we all know, google voice never records the outgoing call, so you need to convince another person to call you if you want to record their voice.
  • Once you have received the Incoming call, immediately press the “4” button on your phone dial pad; by doing that, you will hear a voice that your call is in the recording process.
  • Make it again if you don’t feel like recording the other part. Press the “4” button to stop.

How to save incoming call recordings on google voice

It is not difficult to find your recording on google voice. Once you hang up the go-to call app, it will appear on the homepage of google voice.

To save the mp3 files:

  1. Click the voicemail tab and the left side of the screen in the navigation bar.
  2. Connect three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose the recording you want to download and save that file on your device.

2. Free app to record voice calls

The iPhone is stringent against third-party apps. From our analysis, we have found a Rev call recorder, and this is the only free call recording app that allows its users to record both incoming and outcoming calls in simple steps.

Rev app is much better than google voice as you don’t manage an internal software system. There are other apps for recording on iOS, but they all have paid versions where Rev allows users to record calls within minutes for free. Follow these steps to record calls using Rev.

  • When downloading, remember\\always to remember it works with the country code +1.
  • Once you are down installing the rev app on your device, go to the start recorded call option at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose from the incoming or outcoming call option when registering a call.
  • Now your call will start recording on your iPhone.
  • The cool thing about Rev is that you don’t have to save calls because the software itself stores your calling data automatically.
  • You can also share your recording in different places via Rev by clicking on the share button.

3. Use a Voice recording device

Many devices are present on the market to record your phone call by using a mini device such as a microphone. We all search for convenient methods when it comes to calling recording. 

The above two ways are great, but what about some external process where you can record the call with one click? Sounds interesting, right? Well, a call recording microphone is there to rescue your recording needs. This inner ear system lets users record calls without any struggle. 

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Mono digital voice recorders are also great for recording purposes. Not just for voice calls, you can use this digital device for your lectures because it is portable, and you can take it anywhere. The digital voice recorder comes with a built-in battery and has enormous storage.

4. Merge calls

The other method of recording calls on your iPhone is to merge the calls. First, dial the number and consent from the person to record the call. Once the user agrees to record, click on the add call button on your phone dial bar. 

Now go to the merge call option, and you will hear the voice that your call is being recorded. After merging calls, you can now record voice calls anywhere at any time on your iPhone.

5. Use another phone

If you are lazy enough to test the above methods, try to record calls with another device using the actual call recorder from the phone. For that, you need to sit in a silent space. Now put the ring on the speaker and open the recorder on another device.

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To ensure high sound quality, avoid noise in the background and make your device near the phone from where you are calling. By doing this, you can easily save calls on other devices and share them through any social media app.


In this article, we have discussed some efficient methods of recording calls on your iPhone. We hope our practices will work out in your way. If you want to know the detailed review of free call recording apps, let us know in the comments below!