Having a TV with Android TV or Google TV brings us a lot closer to the experience of having an Android-based mobile. And while it doesn’t have the same capabilities, and not all apps are compatible (in theory), we do have features like the one that lets you use screensavers other than the one that comes from Apple. ‘factory. That’s why we’re going to see what it takes to use spectacular photos and videos as screensavers.

A very simple option to carry out, so we will only need a network connection and access to our Google Play Store account to choose the application that best suits our needs. It’s the easiest way to choose a screensaver we like.

A screen saver to our liking

Example of local images

In the past we have already seen how to install Apple TV screen savers and now we are going to see other options that are also very attractive. Thanks to two applications that I thought were interesting and which are also free, you can change the image of our TV when it is idle.

We must have a connection to the network on the television, either by cable or by Wi-Fi, then click on the Google Play Store icon to find an application that interests us. There are paid and free ones and for the tutorial I chose two free ones such as “Relax – Calm and Meditation” and “Photo Gallery and Screensaver”. Just download them from Google Play and install them by pressing the “Install” button.

To do this, simply go to the “Settings” of your television, you know, by means of the cogwheel that appears in the upper right area of ​​the screen or with a similar icon.

Once inside you must look for the “Device Preferences” section in the list and in turn and once we have entered you must click on “Screen saver”. There you should see the apps you previously downloaded from the Google Play Store.

At this point we must mark the screen saver that we have just downloaded and installed. Once chosen and depending on the screen saver that we have left running, we can modify certain parameters, such as the waiting time, the fade mode… it depends on how I say, on each application

Of the two applications that I downloaded, “Relax – Calm and Meditation” is the one that offers the easiest use. Before entering the settings that I have explained, we must enter the said application and choose a screensaver in the form of a video that we like. Then return to “Screen Saver” in “Device Preferences” and choose “Relax – Calm and Meditation” as the application, configuring when it should act with the background we have previously chosen.

On the other hand, the “Photo Gallery and Screensaver” application offers a greater scope for action. It allows us to use photos that we have stored locally as well as images from online applications such as Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, connected USB devices and SD cards.

Depending on the application chosen, we can find more or less options when configuring the screen saver. In this case, it is more complete than the previous one, even if exploiting all the possibilities requires having a greater storage capacity if you want to use images locally.

Example of local images

All you have to do is choose which application will best suit your tastes and needs. In the Play Store, you have more choices, paid or free, and you can choose the one you are most interested in.