On occasion, you may have encountered an unexpected issue where your PC has blocked an app that you are downloading and trying to install. A failure that can be common but at the same time has a simple solution by following a few steps in the Windows options.

This is a security measure so that Windows Defender protects us against possible threats when downloading applications, the famous .exe files. However, it is a preventative measure that we can turn off, yes, at our own risk.

The key is real-time protection

The objective of this tutorial is to prevent Windows from blocking an application when we are going to install or download it. Windows Defender protects your computer when you suspect that an application may be dangerous. Responsible is the “Real-time protection” utility.

What we have to do is to temporarily deactivate the real-time protection and for this we have to enter the “Settings” menu, for which the most interesting is to click on the icon in the form of a cog in the “Start menu” .

** In the “Configuration” we have to look for the section ** “Update and Security” and to find it you will have to go to the end of the list.

In “Update & Security” we look at the left column and of all the sections we mark “Windows Security”. We will see a window in the correct area with different options and we look at the “Protection Zones” section and then search for “Virus and Threat Protection”.

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In the “Virus and Threat Protection” section, we look at a section called “Manage Settings” of “Virus and Threat Protection Settings”.

We will see different switches and we will look at the first one, the one called “Realtime protection”. To do this, it can ask you for administrator permissions to do so and in this case you give it to them.

At the bottom right, you will see a warning appear warning that the PC is not protected, so it is an option that is worth activating but only temporarily, as long as it is necessary.

Once we don’t need to deactivate it, it is advisable to reactivate it so that the equipment is always protected.