The amount of photos that can be sent to us by WhatsApp verges on the ridiculous, so much so that the content of the application is often responsible for the lack of space on the mobile. Also, it can be a bit boring if all of those photos end up blending in with the rest of the photos in the gallery.

WhatsApp has an option that allows us to hide all photos and videos from a specific chat or group so that they are not displayed in the mobile gallery. This can be useful if you simply don’t want them to come out mixed with the photos taken with the mobile or if you don’t want them to be seen because they are photos not suitable for all audiences (* wink wink eye).

How to hide photos of a WhatsApp chat or group from gallery

We’re all in an engagement WhatsApp group where they send a lot of videos, memes, and GIFs that let’s be honest most of the time we’re not interested in. We may also share intimate images with that person. Either way, the point is, we don’t want those photos and videos to get mixed up with the rest of the photos in the gallery.

To hide photos from a specific cat or group, just follow these steps:

In the chat, click the name of the person or group at the top.

In the options that appear, we select “Visibility of media files”.

By default it will be in “Default (Yes)”, but what interests us is to select no.

How to hide all WhatsApp photos from gallery

If the reason for hiding WhatsApp photos is simply that they are not mixed with the photos we take with the camera, there is also the option to hide all the photos that come to us through the app. To do so, follow these steps:

Click the button with the three dots at the top left and enter Settings.

Then go to the Chats section.

Finally, turn off the “Visibility of media files” option.

Whether we hide photos from a chat or from the whole of WhatsApp, we will make sure that the images do not appear in the gallery, but not in the specific ‘WhatsApp Images’ folder. And where are they? You can find them with File Explorer, in a subfolder called Private.

Of course, the ones that were already there won’t go away, but that applies to the photos we receive from that point on. If we turn it off, all photos will be displayed as before.