The most well-known second-hand buying and selling app not only offers said buying and selling, but it also includes a curious game of “killing bugs” which is only activated on the rare occasions when the platform suffers a mistake. But there is a way to access it, we tell you how to play the mini-game that hides the Wallapop app on Android.

There are developers who don’t just “just” update their apps, they also include little secrets like an “Easter egg” with which to surprise users. For example, Google hides the Dino game in Chrome, the balloons game in Google Play and the famous “easter egg” of Android, this curiosity that accompanies each new version of the system. And Wallapop also plays hide and seek.

“Crash the bugs”, the hidden game of Wallapop

The game is simple: you have to break the dots (bugs) that swarm around the screen

The idea behind the game is that users have the opportunity to entertain themselves while waiting for the app to recover. In my case, I discovered “Crash the bugs” by chance, during a bug that momentarily suffered while trying to replicate the beginning of the game I found the way.

To launch the hidden game in Wallapop we will use Activity Launcher, an application that finds the activities integrated in the different applications and allows us to perform them in a specific way without having to start the application from the beginning. These activities can open a specific menu, start a music, a web or, as in the case of Wallapop, there is an activity that launches the game “Crash the bugs”.

To access the aforementioned game, you must do the following:

Download the Activity Launcher app. It is very useful to discover small secrets hidden in the applications you have installed. Obviously, you must have Wallapop for Android installed. Otherwise, download it. Open the activity launcher, wait for it to load the apps with their activities, tap the magnifying glass icon at the top and type “onedot”. Without quotes. You will see the Wallapop application appear with an activity below: it corresponds to the game. Click here. You will access “Crush the bugs” without the app crashing (this is the usual way the game starts). The activity that launches the Wallapop game

The game itself is extremely simple: dots will appear on the screen that correspond to Wallapop’s supposed errors. Since you have to fix these “bugs”, you have to click on all the dots to prevent them from reaching the top and ending the game. The more bugs you kill, the higher your score will be.

It is curious that Wallapop hides a game that is only activated under very specific circumstances. In fact, the platform suffers from so few issues with servers that it will probably never reach you. And you no longer have to wait for problems with Wallapop: you can play whenever you want.