For the past few months, Android Auto has offered a handful of ready-to-use mini-games, without the need to install anything and without the need for an internet connection. In total, there are eight varied mini-games that can make the boredom of waiting with the parked car more bearable.

Android Auto mini-games can be found in GameSnacks, an app in Android Auto from which you can launch the games. We tell you what mini-games are available and how you can access them in your car with Android Auto.

Where are the Android Auto minigames

After a leak, Google has finally announced that mini-games will be coming to Android Auto in September of this year. Considering that several months have passed, it is quite possible that you already have the updated version of Android Auto. Otherwise, you will need to update the app on your mobile to be able to access this news and more.

Another thing to keep in mind is that minigames are available in the GameSnacks app. Normally it will be active to show in Android Auto apps menu, but you can check if this is the case by opening Android Auto settings on your mobile and tapping on Customize apps menu. Make sure GameSnacks has the box checked.

With these two requirements alone, all that remains is to connect the cell phone to the car and GameSnacks should appear as an app, even if you don’t have any app with that name on your mobile. When open, the menu with the available minigames is displayed. The list will likely change over time, but today it shows us around eight varied mini-games. They are as follows:

Zoo Boom: A matching game of similarly colored animals in the Candy Crush style.

Onet Connect Classic: Another animal connection mini-game, a little simpler than the previous one.

Cannonballs 3D: a shooting game with a cannon on different targets

Pin the UFO – a game in which you have to strategically remove pins to save aliens.

2048 Giant – 2048 game with a slingshot and a giant.

Find 500 differences – Find the differences between the two photos shown.

Unlock this: the typical puzzle for clearing cars, but with wooden blocks.

Bubble Woods: Bubble Bobble, but with a squirrel.

The minigames are pretty straightforward to use and don’t have any ads, in-app purchases, or anything like that. They are an easy way out if you are bored in the car and want to take advantage of the Android Auto screen for it.

As you might expect, minigames cannot be opened while the car is in motion, which makes perfect sense in the world because even if used by a passenger, it would be a good source of distraction.

By the way, if you like any of these minigames – or others – GameSnacks is a Google-owned minigames website that you can also visit on your mobile browser or PC. The same eight Android Auto games are available, and many more.