The miDGT application allows you to carry out many procedures from your mobile, including the payment of pending fines. This facilitates the subscription since you can take advantage of the reduction in the amount during the volunteering period without physically going to the traffic offices: you just have to open the application.

The official Trafic application offers the driver a large number of options, including one specific one: it allows you to have your driving license on your mobile. But it is not the only one since the miDGT also allows the direct payment of fines and other taxes. Do you have anything pending to pay the DGT? Avoid travel and make payment directly from the Android app.

Pay penalties directly from the app

The General Directorate of Traffic app has been gaining in options since it was first released in beta in early 2020. Currently, it allows everything from viewing the virtual driver’s license to knowing driving test scores. He is even empowered to pay traffic fines, which interests us (or not, because no one wants to accumulate fines).

As specified by the DGT itself on its website, traffic fines can be paid via the Cl@ve system, in person, by telephone and also via the miDGT app. The application offers the list of all the sanctions in progress; with your appropriate payment option.

To access the payment of fines from the mIDGT application, the following procedure must be carried out:

Install the app on your Android. You will need the digital certificate, the electronic DNI or the Cl@ve system to connect and thus access your traffic data. Once the session has started, click on the icon of the three vertical bars, at the top left. You will display the menu. Go to “My fines”. You will see the list of penalties awaiting payment. Click on the “Details” button that appears in each of them. Go to the end payment option and fill in the fields with your bank details. Click “Make Payment” and the app will connect to your bank to process the transaction. You must surely authorize it from the application of your bank.

You should keep in mind that fines only appear in the miDGT app once communicated. Also, they may leave a little late and therefore you lose the opportunity to pay the reduced amount for a quick payment. If you have a pending fine, update the app frequently and access the DGT portal.