If you like to keep your gear up to date, you might have been surprised on occasion when trying to run an old app. Developments that previously worked in Windows versions and now when trying to run only display a warning warning that this application cannot be run on the computer.

Do not panic. These are outdated applications and games that are not traditionally runable in Windows 10. This does not mean that they cannot be started, however. And that’s why we have the “Compatibility Assistant”.

The Compatibility Assistant is your ally

Thanks to the “compatibility assistant”, we can run these legendary games that arrived at the time of Windows 95 or Windows XP … And for that, we will only have to perform a few steps.

Using the “Compatibility Assistant” is very easy. It is a mode, as its name suggests, which allows us to simulate that our PC is using a version of the operating system that is older than the one it actually uses. This is about changing some settings when opening a specific app so that it works smoothly or at least to try.

To use the “Compatibility Assistant” you must click on the application shortcut and click on “Properties”, which you can also do from “File Explorer”, by clicking with the right mouse button. or trackpad on the executable file that opens the application and choosing “Properties.”

Among the options that appear, we are looking at one called “Compatibility”. we have to decide what kind of compatibility we want to activate. This is to make Windows pretend to be an old version, to trick apps that check which version of Windows you are using. In this sense, we find the possibility of “Run this program in compatibility mode for” with the version of Windows that you want to simulate, ranging from Windows Vista to Windows 8.

Additionally, the “Compatibility Assistant” offers other settings to help run older apps and games, although their availability changes (some are grayed out and cannot be activated) depending on the app we are using. are going to use:

Reduced color mode: To maximize compatibility with older applications, this mode uses fewer colors. Run at 640 x 480 screen resolution – Changes the screen resolution to 640 x 480 pixels, a resolution common on computers from years ago. Disable fullscreen optimizations: Fix bugs and issues with apps and games that run in fullscreen. Run the program as administrator: gives more permissions to the app, which can fix issues with old apps. Save this program for restart: the application will reopen automatically after restart. Change High DPI Settings: Useful for correcting visual issues as it allows you to change the DPI settings for this application.