From this week, the Ministry of Health is offering a new way to download our COVID Digital Certificate. Until now, it only allowed us to upload a PDF, but a new option allows us to request the COVID digital certificate directly in Passbook format.

The Passbook format is the one used by Apple Wallet to save the cards on iPhones, but this file also makes it a bit easier to register the COVID certificate on our Android mobile, no longer having to use third-party applications to convert the PDF. in a Passbook, as we saw a few days ago of all the ways we have to install the COVID Certificate on our mobile.

Request the Certificate in Wallet or Passbook format

To download your Covid digital certificate in Passbook format, we have to request your certificate again, but it is only through the Ministry of Health that we can download the PKPASS file which, then, with third-party applications that we will see later, we can open on our Android mobile. The steps to download our COVID Certificate Passbook are as follows:

By checking this box, we must write our phone number in order to download the file. After accepting the terms of use and clicking on the “Accept” button below, we must sign the transaction with Cl @ ve or with the Autofirm @ system.

Once the request is complete, we just have to wait for an email notification and an SMS on our cell phone. In the email we will have access to the download of the PDF while in the SMS we will receive a link to the digital certificate in Passbook format. By clicking on the SMS link, we will access a form where, verifying our identity by indicating our DNI, we will download the PassBook file (PKPASS) on our mobile that we can open with third-party applications.

How to save the PKPASS file in Google Pay

If we want to register the Passbook in Google Pay to make it more accessible, we have to use an intermediary application to register the PKPASS file in Google Pay, because currently the Google application does not support the Apple file. The best app for adding Passbooks to Google Pay is Pass2Pay.

To do this, we need to install Pass2Pay on our mobile and open the downloaded .PKPASS file which will automatically fill in all the fields except for the ‘Program name’ field which we have to fill in manually by typing “Covid Certificate”. Then we can personalize the card by adding an image and changing its color. Uncheck the box “Include the conditions of use of Pass2Pay” and click on “Save on the phone”. After the announcement, we can now register the card in Google Pay.