One of the most recurring user questions that land on the Apple phone is: how to mirror iPhone screen to TV at home. There are several ways to enjoy the series, films and music you have on your device and transfer them to the biggest screen in your home. Let’s go with them.

1. HDMI adapter to mirror iPhone to TV

Chances are when we think of mirroring your iPhone screen, we think of wireless methods. Well, there is a way to send content from the iPhone to our TV without having to have a Wi-Fi network.

In addition to a TV with an HDMI connector, we need two things:

The Lightning connector to digital AV adapter that Apple sells on Amazon for 51 euros, with a slight discount. An HDMI cable to connect the adapter to the television, like this one which costs 5 euros.

And There you go. When we connect all the cables and devices, we should see our iPhone mirror screen on the TV in the corresponding HDMI source. Perfect for when you’re on vacation or in an office and need to project something.

2. Chromecast and streaming content

If we are interested in a Chromecast or are planning to get one, we can also send content from our iPhone to show it on our TV at home. Of course, we’re not talking strictly about screen mirroring, but rather casting content from compatible apps on your iPhone. The basic requirements are:

Having a Chromecast 3 or a Chromecast Ultra, we can buy it at Media Markt for 29 euros or 79 euros, respectively. Have at our disposal a Wi-Fi network to which our iPhone and the Chromecast must connect. Download the Google Home app and enter it with our Google account. Download one of the Chromecast-compatible iOS apps, some examples: YouTube, Netflix, TED, Spotify, Plex, and HBO Now.

When everything is ready, we must access one of these applications or another compatible with Chromecast. Being connected to the same Wi-Fi, we are looking for the symbol that appears on our iPhone similar to the one that appears in the screenshot above to retransmit the content.

3. Mirror iPhone screen to TV using Apple TV

Similar in concept to a Chromecast but much more advanced, the Apple TV allows us to mirror the iPhone screen to the TV in our home. For this we will need the following:

A fourth, fifth or sixth generation Apple TV. They can be found at the Media Markt for respectively 139 euros, 179 euros and 199 euros. Have a Wi-Fi network available and to which the Apple TV and our iPhone are connected. Access the Control Center of our iPhone and click on the Duplicate screen button, where we will then choose the Apple TV that we have at home to display it on television.

By following these steps, you should see everything seen on your iPhone screen mirrored on the TV. You get an effect very similar to that of the HDMI adapter but without cables.

4. Buy a Smart TV with AirPlay 2

For some time now, more and more televisions have been supporting AirPlay 2. Several television manufacturers have announced the compatibility of their new models and some old ones with Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol.

Samsung 4K UHD 2021 50AU8005- 50″ Smart TV with Crystal UHD Resolution, Crystal UHD Processor, HDR10+, Motion Xcelerator, Contrast Enhancer and Alexa Built-in

LG 43UP8000-ALEXA 2021-108 cm (43″) 4K UHD Smart TV with Quad Core Processor, HDR10 Pro, HLG, Virtual Surround Sound, HDMI 2.0, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi

This means that when we have a compatible TV, or ours is updated to support this feature, we will be able to mirror from your iPhone as long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and without the need an adapter cable or an Apple TV.

Pictures | Jens Kreuter and Howard Bouchevereau