Starting with macOS Catalina, Apple has given us a new way to access and manage our Apple credentials: through System Preferences. With a new preference panel, we can change name, phone, email, payment method, shipping details, manage our devices, and more.

The first thing we need to do is access the corresponding panel in System Preferences:

In the Apple () menu, we choose System Preferences. We touch the Apple ID at the top right. Once here, in the sidebar, we find three sections: Apple ID details, iCloud, Content and Purchases and, finally, Devices.

Manage our Apple ID details

This section is the one that allows us to manage the preferences of our Apple ID, it is made up of several sections:

Overview: where we can sign out or get information about the privacy policy that Apple applies to Apple ID. Name, phone, e-mail: in this section, by touching the Modify … button in each section, we can modify our Name and our Date of birth. We can add or remove contact forms in the Contact Information section using the “+” and “-” buttons, as well as decide which email to forward messages received through Sign In with Apple. Additionally, we can choose whether we want to receive emails from music announcements and apps, movies, etc. Password & Security: Allows us to change our password, enable two-factor authentication, change our trusted phone numbers, and get a verification code to log in. Additionally, we may manage the apps and services we use Connect with Apple. Payment & Shipping: where we can change our Apple ID payment method as well as the shipping address for purchases we make in the Apple Store.

iCloud, content and purchases

This section is the one that allows us to manage iCloud preferences as well as purchasing and content preferences.

iCloud: where we decide which apps use iCloud to store and sync data. We may also enable and disable Optimized Storage and Manage the storage we use in our account. Content and purchases: here we can manage our account, decide if we want to use Touch ID for purchases (if our Mac is compatible), as well as choose if we want to be asked for the password to make purchases. In addition, we can manage our subscriptions to services and applications.


Here we find a list of all devices linked to our Apple ID. We can click on each of them to get more information or perform certain actions.

We can see the device model, its serial number and the software version it is running for all devices. We may use the Remove from Account option if we have given or sold the device and it is no longer ours. And we can use the search app through Show on Web to see the location of the device (except HomePod or Apple TV), and if it is compatible with Apple Pay, we can remove all the cards. If it is an iPhone or an iPad, we can also see if the backups are activated and the date of the last copy.

The Apple ID is by far the most important account we have. Without a doubt, being able to easily manage your options and information is extremely important. Fortunately, Apple makes it easy for us on macOS Catalina and later.