Es habitual contar en el historial de nuestro PC con todas las redes a las que nos hemos ido conectado, pero con el tiempo, algunas de ellas no son útiles y puede interesarnos eliminarlas o simply conocer la contraseña de aquella vez en la que la usamos por last time. Actions that can be performed by browsing Windows 10 options.

And it is that managing the Wi-Fi networks that we have stored on the PC, but also knowing their keys, are two interesting aspects that we can achieve with a few clicks of the keyboard and mouse.

Forget about a Wi-Fi network

For example, imagine that we want to delete a Wi-Fi network that we have used and that we no longer use. If we want to eliminate it from the series of Wi-Fi networks that we have stored, it is enough to access the “Settings” menu of our PC and look for the “Network and Internet” section.

Once inside, we look in the left bar for the “Wi-Fi” subsection on which we will click to see how a series of options are displayed on the right.

We will see two options. One of them shows the networks available at the time, but the one we are interested in is the one titled “Manage Known Networks”. If we click on it, a new window will open and give access to all the Wi-Fi networks that we have saved on the computer.

At this point, just click on one of them to see how it gives us access to two options like “Properties” and “Stop remembering”.

If we click on “Stop remembering”, which is the one we are interested in, the network in question will disappear from the list as if we had never used it. This implies that if we ever want to use it again, we will have to re-enter the password.

View stored network keys

But just as we are interested in deleting that network that we are no longer going to connect to, we may be interested in remembering the key to a network that we have connected to. Something that is also possible with the click of a mouse.

And the first step is to access the Wi-Fi connection icon that appears in the lower right area of ​​the “Taskbar”. Right click and we will see two options from which we choose the one called “Open Network and Internet Configuration”. We can achieve the same in the “Settings” menu and via the “Network and Internet” option that we have seen before.

Once in the “Network and Internet” section we look for the Wi-Fi category in the left column and among the options we look at “Network and Shared Resources Center” which we click on.

A window opens that displays the different Wi-Fi networks, including the one we are connected to. Click on this network to access its properties and in the new window we click on “Wireless properties”.

In the new window we will see two tabs, “Connection” and “Security”. The latter is the one we are interested in and upon entering we have to click on the section called “Network Security Key”. This is the one that offers access to the Wi-Fi network key but it is not yet visible.

To see it, you need to click on the “Show Characters” option that you have just below. Windows will ask you for administrator permissions and show you the password.