One of the options I miss the most in Windows 11 compared to macOS is the ability to enable automatic computer shutdown as an additional option in System Options. Something we can do in Windows 11 and although we have to take some steps before we achieve it, it allows us not to depend on third-party applications.

In Windows 11 it is possible to activate this possibility by choosing the day, the time of shutdown, the frequency… A process that we are now going to detail step by step and that although it can be somewhat complex , we will now detail it step by step so that you can achieve it.

Shut down Windows 11 automatically

The first thing to do is access the Windows 11 Start menu and write the word Developer. Among all the options, we must choose the one that has the name “Task Scheduler”.

This tool allows you to create automations under Windows. To do this, we must click on the “Create a basic task” option and a window will open in which the process begins.

We are faced with several stages. The first is to give the task a name, in my case “Auto Power Off”.

Then we will have to decide when we want the task to repeat, in this case the automatic stop. It can be every day (Daily), once a week, once a month… We will also have to define the time at which we want the computer to turn off automatically and even the date, and every day you want to repeat the action.

Now is the time to tell Windows what action to take. For this we select the option “Start the program” and click on “Next”.

At this point, we click on the “Browse” button to open Windows Explorer and find the C:\Windows\System32 address for the shutdown.exe application. We double-click to select it.

We return to the previous screen and verify that C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe appears in the bar. If everything is fine, click Next to confirm the step.

Here a summary will be displayed to check that everything has been configured and all that remains is to click on the “Finish” button to confirm the scheduled shutdown.

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