YouTube has long wanted to convince us to pay for the service. We see this in movements such as reserving the use of PiP playback to Premium users or that it is necessary to subscribe to the payment plan in order to be able to reproduce content in the background. The truth is, these limitations only apply to the YouTube app, because from Safari we can listen to YouTube in the background for free.

Full screen and lock, it’s that easy

There has been a lot of talk about being able to listen to YouTube videos in the background. It’s something really comfortable, because a lot of the content doesn’t really require watching the video, so we can listen to it while we’re walking down the street, for example. Fortunately, thanks to Safari we can do it very easily. We are doing it :

We open Safari on our iPhone or iPad. We go to YouTube and play a video. We put the video in full screen. We lock the iPhone or iPad. We press the Play button on the home screen.

It’s easy. In some cases, the play button may not appear after locking the iPhone or iPad. If so, we just unlock the iPhone or iPad, tap play on the video again, and lock again.

Those most interested in the subject will remember that this is a tip that has already been mentioned in the past. In my testing, when using iOS 15 and iOS 14 on an iPhone 11 Pro and XS, the main thing is to put the video in full screen before locking the phone. At the time of this writing, I was able to listen to a video of just over 8 minutes with the iPhone screen fully locked, even being able to access the camera for it.

Keep in mind that YouTube might just update the behavior of the service to prevent this playing in the background, but today, listening to a video with our locked iPhone is as easy as putting it in full screen, locking it. iPhone and touch reading. No Premium, just play.