For some time now, Xiaomi no longer displays the available RAM when you open multitasking. It was one of the best ways to find out how much memory was available and to close multitasking applications to see how memory was being freed bit by bit.

We will show you how to get this function back, as there is a small adjustment in MIUI 12 which allows you to review the amount of RAM available in your Xiaomi. Let’s see how to do it.

Free RAM in Xiaomi, a great ally

We usually tell you not to obsess over RAM. It will always tend to fill up and it is not bad in itself that it is full. However, in Xiaomi (especially the entry level) we may need free RAM to play games or use heavy apps because MIUI consumes a lot of resources.

Therefore, it is good to know how much RAM we have available at all times and how much RAM we are saving when closing apps. Fortunately, if we follow these simple steps, we can bring the RAM back to multitasking.

Open the settings of your Xiaomi Click on ‘Home screen’ Now activate ‘Show memory status’

Ready, once this option is activated, open the multitasking of your Xiaomi and look at the top. From now on, you will know how much RAM you have and what your device’s total memory is. We also recommend ROMs like to keep more RAM free which is essential if we want to multitask heavy tasks at the same time.