While the vast majority of the Apple Watch’s functionality relies on its connection to the iPhone, several others also rely on the watch’s internet connection. Given its importance, it is common that we want to check, at some point, that our watch is connected to the network. Let’s see how.

An increasingly important link in our daily lives

More and more actions within our Apple Watch require an internet connection. We can talk, for example, about streaming music, calls, weather information, etc. Checking that our clock is connected to the network is very simple.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to summon Siri. If we ask for the time and our assistant tells us that there is no connection, we will know immediately if he also gives us the correct answer. Beyond Siri, the connection indicator is in the Apple Watch’s Control Center.

So checking the connection is as easy as swiping up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the control center and look at the indicators at the top. In addition to the GPS location access indicator, which is quite common, we will see three possible actions that indicate that the connection is established.

The first is that we see a green icon of an iPhone. This indicates that our Apple Watch is connected to the phone and is using the phone’s data or Wi-Fi connection to go out on the network. The second is a Wi-Fi icon. This tells us that the Apple Watch is not connected to our iPhone, but is accessing the network through its own Wi-Fi antenna. The third is an icon in the form of bars connection, an icon that will remind us of the one we all know from our iPhone. This tells us, again, that the Apple Watch is disconnected from our phone, but through the watch’s cellular connection, it can access the internet.

Finally, there is a fourth and a fifth option, which indicate that our Apple Watch does not have an Internet connection. In this case we will see an icon representing a crossed out iPhone or a cross, both of which are red. This tells us that the Apple Watch is not connected to the iPhone and could not connect to the network by another method.

If we have an Apple Watch with a cellular connection, unless we have manually disabled this connection, our watch should never lose connection to the network. In the meantime, if we have a Wi-Fi only Apple Watch, we must either take our phone with us or stay within range of a Wi-Fi network, for example at home or in the office. As our Apple Watch gains functions, including a lot of communication, its connection to the Internet is something that we will want to keep in mind. Fortunately, it is very simple.

Picture | David Svihovec