Obsessing over the iPhone battery is generally not a good idea, as it is a component whose lifespan degrades with use and time. But if you’re puzzled by this variable, you can find out how many charge cycles your iPhone has and how many are left to help you determine its longevity. There are several ways to find out, we tell you everything.

How to Know How Many Charge Cycles Your iPhone Has Using Analytics Data

Few people know that the iPhone itself stores data about errors that may occur when we use it. To do this, we must activate this data collection, which is shared with Apple (it is something that is asked of us during the configuration of the device). If you want to check if you have it enabled, we will:

We open the settings on the iPhone and go to Privacy. At the bottom we select Analysis and improvements. The sharing option must be enabled.

If we haven’t enabled it, we’ll have to enable it and wait a day or two for the proper logs to be generated. Immediately below this button, we can access analytics data. You have to look for a file (they are listed in alphabetical order) whose prefix is ​​”log-aggregated”.

We find the most recent date, select all the text, copy and paste it into Notes. Now we can easily search for the text we need. Click on the button with the three dots and choose the option Find in the note the text “batterycyclecount”. Just below should appear a number between two words “integer”. This is the number of battery cycles of our iPhone.

Another quicker way is to save this file to iCloud Drive and open it from a Mac. Search for “batterycyclecount” and it will quickly show your iPhone’s charge cycles. As you can see, this is a way to find out your iPhone’s battery charge cycles without resorting to jailbreaking or third-party apps.

Find out how many battery cycles your iPhone has fast

There is another easier way to find out how many battery cycles your iPhone has. To do this, we will have to install the Show cycle count shortcut, which will reduce the effort considerably. We will do the following:

We go to Settings> Privacy> Analysis and improvements. Click the share button and choose Show Battery Cycle shortcut. Automatically, a notification will appear with the number of iPhone battery cycles.

And ready. You don’t have to do anything else. It’s worth remembering that if you have an Apple Watch, its battery cycles are also collected here. So if you’re doing some testing and you get wildly different numbers, it’s because one is from the iPhone and the other from the Apple Watch. At the beginning of each log appears the name of the operating system this scan belongs to, so you can tell if it belongs to one or the other.

Coconut Battery to see iPhone battery cycles

The third option for knowing your iPhone battery cycles is a classic: Coconut Battery. If we download this free application for Mac and connect the iPhone to the Mac via USB, we will see in its corresponding section how our battery is doing.

With this method we can also find out the charging cycles of the Apple Watch, so don’t worry if you see two very different numbers

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Apple batteries are designed to hold at least 80% of their original charge for 500 iPhone charge cycles. So if your iPhone has fewer cycles and its wear is greater than this theoretical 20%, you can check if a battery change is covered by your warranty.