Two days ago, Facebook announced the arrival of the beta version of WhatsApp Desktop for Windows and macOS, coming closer to the options that the platform now offers on mobile devices. And while waiting for multi-device support, which should arrive shortly, here is what to do to install WhatsApp Desktop on the PC.

The app can be installed on any computer that has Windows installed, be it Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11, the version we did the tutorial on. We will only need to have a computer with Windows, already mentioned, and an Android phone or an iPhone nearby to complete the process.

Install WhatsApp Desktop step by step

The first step is to download the version of WhatsApp for Windows from this link, which will download a file in “.exe” format on our PC, which is the one we will run to start the installation.

When we click on it we will see how a screen appears in which it first warns us that our communications will be end-to-end encrypted and then will move to another screen in which it invites us to scan a QR code from the mobile.

We will have to have an Android mobile or an iPhone with the WhatsApp application installed and an active account and go to “Settings” and in “Settings” select “Linked devices” then click on “Link a new device”. The camera will open with which we will have to scan the QR code that we see on the computer screen.

From that moment on, WhatsApp Web will be active and linked to our account so that we can turn off the phone if we wish or remain without a data connection which, unlike WhatsApp Web, will continue to be active.

In addition, by downloading and using WhatsApp Desktop Beta, we will be able to take advantage of new functions in advance in the tests before they can reach the final version.