Did you know that you can download your COVID certificate and put it in the Wallet app on your iPhone? It is a very practical way to always have your certificate at hand when you need it, although it is not mandatory, it can be requested for certain procedures or trips. If you save it to your iPhone’s wallet, you won’t have to worry about looking for it when prompted.

By saving the COVID certificate in Wallet, you can invoke it whenever you want from your iPhone or Apple Watch. A few presses on the corresponding button will display it on the screen as if it were a credit card or a normal pass.

How to create your own Wallet card for the COVID certificate

Apple announced that with iOS 15 we will be able to add keys and identity documents to Wallet. At the moment, there is no official way to integrate our vaccination certificate into the iPhone. But we can take advantage of some of the existing applications to create iPhone Wallet Passes from barcodes or QR codes. And when we get vaccinated, we will receive a QR code in a document, just in the format we need.

Now we just have to look for an application in the App Store that can create Wallet Passes from QR codes and thus be able to add the COVID certificate to our iPhone. We chose Pass2U Wallet, a free app that enables that basic functionality that we are looking for.

To get started, we need to take a photo or capture of the COVID certificate and save it to the iPhone’s spool. When opening the app, we will follow these steps:

We give the “+” button in the lower right corner to choose the “import” options of the QR. We choose “Get the barcode in photos”, where we can choose the photo or capture with the QR. We select the photo, confirm and a screen will appear to customize certain aspects.

In the free version, we can only edit a few sections here. We will put the name Certified COVID or whatever we want to be able to identify it quickly. And we will click on Done.

Then we will be shown the Wallet card with the COVID certificate ready to be added to the iPhone. By clicking on Add, it will be saved on the iPhone and we can invoke it as if it were a ticket or an Apple Pay card.

Now we already have the COVID passport on our iPhone or Apple Watch. Two devices that we always carry with us and which will allow us to quickly show our COVID Certificate.