Do you want to have your Covid certificate in Google Pay? Well, it’s easier than it looks: we will tell you how to save the QR in your account to always have it available on all your phones, also on your watches with Wear OS.

The Covid Certificate is not required to travel or move to destinations, but it is convenient to request it in order to speed up the travel-related procedures (in particular access to restaurants and other places of entertainment). Requesting the Covid certificate from the mobile phone does not cause complications, nor does downloading the certificate to the phone in order to present it from the screen. And there is an even more complete way to have it on Android: add it to Google Pay.

Create your own Google Pay card with the Covid certificate

Google Pay with the Covid certificate installed

Google has announced the upcoming availability of the certificate in the Android payment app, but this functionality has not yet arrived. Even so, it is not difficult to upload the QR to Google Pay: it is a process that takes place in a few steps and without having to be overly complicated. For this we will use an intermediary application.

Since Google Pay does not yet allow the QR of the certificate to be incorporated directly (it can be entered as a loyalty card, but it removes part of the code when creating said card), an application such as Pass2Pay can be used to resolve this problem. problem. We have tested the process with several Covid certificates and can guarantee that it works correctly.

Let’s see how to transfer the Covid Certificate in QR format to a Google Pay card:

You need to download Pass2Pay on your Android. This is an application responsible for creating cards suitable for Google Pay, either from a Passbook file or from scratch. Download the PDF of your Covid Certificate to your mobile. You can also capture the QR code as an image. Open Pass2Pay and choose the option you want. You can use “Open PDF” if you downloaded the certificate in this format or “Open image” if you saved the QR capture. Download the file you need and accept the text identification: Pass2Pay will locate the QR code and use it as a Google Pay card. Fill in the required text fields to create the map (they are marked with an asterisk). For example, you can put “Covid Certificate” in each of them. Scroll down and select “Save to phone”. Pass2Pay will generate the card and open Google Pay so you can save it to your account. You accept.

After the process, you will already have your Covid certificate registered in Google Pay. It is possible to perform all the steps without an Internet connection except for the generation of the pass, this point does not need to access the network. You can delete Pass2Pay once you have created (and registered) the Google Pay card.

Google Pay will import the card created with the certificate once you export it from Pass2Pay

Pass2Pay is a free application that does not need permissions beyond those required to operate. It contains ads and you can remove them with an in-app purchase of 1.49. It is not only useful for the Covid certificate, Pass2Pay can add Apple Passbook passes to Google Pay to most train or plane tickets: it is very useful, safe and developed in Spain.