One of the new additions to our watches in 2017 with the launch of Android Wear 2.0 was the Play Store. Now we could install apps directly from our watch without needing a mobile phone, but Google also removed an important feature that was present in the first generation of Android Wear: installing apps on our watch from the mobile.

Until the arrival of Android Wear 2.0 (now Wear OS 2.0) when we installed a compatible app on our mobile, it was automatically installed on our watch, a behavior that Google eliminated and which now returns four years later. in an improved version in a new update of the Play Store.

The Play Store app for mobile phones has activated a new selector that allows us to decide on which devices we want to install an app, if we want to install this app on the mobile phone and / or the watch.

From your mobile

To install an app for the watch from our mobile, the first thing we need to do is locate a compatible app for Wear OS. Here we have two options: go to the Wear OS category (Apps> Categories> Wear OS) or search and activate the ‘Watch’ or ‘Watch Faces’ filter.

Once an application compatible with Wear OS is located, when we open its file, we will see that in the “Install” button, a new drop-down list appears. When we press we see that it allows us to select or uncheck if we want this app installed on our phone and / or our watch. By default, the apps will now be installed on the phone and the watch.

If we already had an app installed on our mobile that we now also want to install on our watch, we will see a new drop-down called “Available on more devices”. When viewing its options, we will see that it will allow us to install said application on our watch.

With this new feature, we no longer have to manually install apps on our watch as was the case until now. Before, after installing an application on the mobile, you had to go to the Play Store of our mobile and install the application from the ‘Phone applications’ section.

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