One of the possibilities offered by Google TV is to install third-party applications and do so without depending on the Google Play Store. It only takes a series of small preparations that we will now review to complete our mission.

With this tutorial, we can install apps in just a few steps once we have correctly configured the Chromecast with Google TV. We will only need to install two apps from the Google Play Store to free all the barriers of our device.

Previous preparation

To get to the end, we first need to enable developer options. To do this, go to our profile icon at the top right and once inside, click on “Settings”.

Of all the possibilities that we see in the list of options, we mark “System” then “Information” and then at the end repeatedly click on “Compile Android TV operating system” to activate the developer’s options.

With this section already active, we go back to “Settings” and select “Applications”. In this section we have to find and enter “Security and Restrictions”.

There we will have to enter “Unknown Sources” and from this section grant permissions to install apps outside of the Google Play Store.

Install the apps from the Play Store as the previous step

Now we have to continue the preparations and we have to download from the Google Play Store two applications that we can find in the “Tools” category. These are Downloader by AFTVnews and Sideload Launcher. Two applications that we install following the normal method.

With the first, with Downloader, we are faced with an application that integrates a browser and a file explorer. To use it, we must give you permissions to access the content stored on our device.

At this point, once opened, click on the “Home” section in the left column and activate the browser by typing into the search box. The device will take us to the TV settings to allow the installation of an application of unknown origin.

With the plugin already installed, simply enter “Browser” in the app to access any web page (such as APK Mirror or APToide) that offers apps for Android.

The problem is that installed apps might not appear in the main window and this is where Sideload Launcher comes in. It’s a launcher that provides access to all installed apps, even those that didn’t appear. previously on the screen.

With Sideload Launcher, we can access all the downloaded apps, even the ones that don’t appear on the main screen of the Chromecast with Google TV.

Downloader by AFTVnews

Side loading launcher