Android apps are normally in APK format, but over time alternatives like APKM, XAPK or the famous App Bundle have developed. App Bundle Installer is a new app with which you can install all of these app formats.

App Bundle Installer can install apps on Android mobile in AAB, APK, XAPK, APKS and APKM formats, from the same app and quite simply, automatically converting between formats.

Install apps in any format

Android apps are in APK format, but with the arrival of additional data files and App Bundles, things started to get complicated. So, additional formats started to appear that collected this additional data in one way or another, such as APKM, XAPK or APKS.

These formats are different, but they become the same concept: putting all the application resources into a file so that it can be installed later with a special installer. This is the problem, that there are more and more formats and therefore you need to have multiple installers on your mobile to cover all the possibilities. This is where the App Bundle installer comes in, something like a universal installer.

App Bundle Installer can install apps in AAB, APKS, XAPK, APK and APKM format

The app is very easy to use and has a nice interface. First of all, you need to choose the file format you are going to install from below: AAB, APKS, XAPK, APK or APKM. In any case, you have the option of scanning your mobile storage for these files or of choosing Select AAB, to choose it manually.

Then comes the magic. The application uploads the file to its servers to convert it to APK format, which makes the process very quick and easy for you as the user, in exchange for possible privacy issues of sending the applications to a server. external, of course.

The free version allows you to upload files up to 75MB. To increase the size up to 200MB, you will need to purchase the Pro version, with a one-time payment of around 2 euros. After downloading the file, it is converted and downloaded again now in APK format which can be installed on the mobile without further delay. Some file formats, such as APKM, do not need to be uploaded to the server for conversion.

The application itself will take care of starting the installation of the application, so the process is very simple. That, the compatibility with pretty much any app format, and the fact that it doesn’t have intrusive ads like other installers make it almost a must for those who frequently install apps outside of Google Play.

App Bundle Installer – Install aab, apks, xapk