When installing apps on a TV with Android TV or Google TV, it is normal to use the app store. Google Play Store is factory installed and provides access to all compatible applications. But if you want to expand the possibilities, you can also install applications in the form of APK files external to Google Play by following these steps.

Installing an app through an APK file can be useful for apps not found on Google Play or, for example, at times when we don’t have an internet connection. And a very easy way to install apps outside of Google Play is through an app like Send Files to TV, a tool that’s also free and allows you to send apps from your mobile.

With just one click

What facilitates an application such as Send files to TV is that we will not have to connect a USB stick or a memory card and it is enough to send an application that we have been able to download or generate from the mobile to it. -same.

Send Files to TV is an application that allows you to transfer all types of files ** between devices, whether they are photographs, documents or, as in this case, APK. We only have to meet two requirements:

Both devices, mobile and TV in this case, must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Send Files to TV must be installed on both devices.

Just install Send Files to TV on your phone and on your TV (or set-top box) from the Google Play Store and install a file explorer at the same time. In this case, there are a lot of them, but my favorite is File Commander, also available in the Google Play Store.

During the installation process, the application will ask us, both on the mobile phone and on the TV, for write permissions and will indicate the folder in which the transferred content will be stored.

Once we have the APK file on the mobile phone that we want to install on the TV or set-top box, we just have to open Send files to TV on the TV and also on the mobile. We will see two sections with the titles “Send” and “Receive” in large letters and with two different background tones. In light color, it means that this is the option we have activated and that it is being sent or received.

We choose the device to which we want to send the file and click on the mobile in the “Send” field, in which case we have to search for the APK file.

Then we select the Android TV device as the file destination and the APK will already be on the TV, usually in the “Downloads” folder.

At this point, it remains only to open the file explorer that we have on the TV, choose the APK that we sent and install it. The TV can tell us that with this app we don’t have permission to install apps outside of Google Play. This is not a problem, because we just have to go to the “Settings” of the TV and in “Applications” look for “File Commander” or the browser we are using and activate “Unknown sources”.

Send files to TV is a free app that is compatible with all TVs and devices using Android TV or Google TV and will help you transfer any file, not just APKs. In addition, we have the option to send applications from the PC, either with Windows, macOS or Linux, by going to the developer page and following the same steps we have seen to send applications from the mobile.

Send files to TV

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