One UI 3.0, released with the Samsung Galaxy S21, is an intricate ROM full of secrets, including one that lets you enhance any photo in your gallery in seconds and without having to download any additional apps. The process is called photo remastering and is available on some of the templates updated to the latest versions of One UI.

We’ll explain what this feature is for, where it is located and how it is activated, so that you can improve the results of your photos in seconds and automatically.

Remaster Photos on Samsung

One of the lesser-known features of Samsung One UI is photo remastering. As the name suggests, this is a function that allows the terminal to analyze photographs to improve them. The process is done through artificial intelligence, so we will need to have a Samsung with enough power for the process to work.

This feature is included in the phone gallery, so we just need to follow these steps to get it working:

Open gallery

Click on the menu button (three dots)

Click on ‘Remaster’

Wait for the process to complete

With this function, the phone analyzes the photo and re-edits it to taste. As usual with Samsung, it sometimes slows down with saturated colors, but on other occasions it is able to pick up more detail and quality in photographs, especially those that are somewhat blurry.

The remastering process isn’t final, so until we upload the created photo we’ll only have a preview where we can compare the before and after.