How to Import Bookmarks, Browsing History, and Other Info to Edge from Other Browsers

Maybe with the arrival of the new Edge, you’ve chosen to make the jump to the new browser. If this is your case and you don’t know how to import your bookmarks, credentials, etc., don’t worry. This is a very easy process to do, so that we will have all the information we had already stored in the browser we were using.

Without having to use third-party applications, only through the options offered by Edge, we can import bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, credit card information, cookies … and you can import this data from Chrome, from Firefox or from another browser. Here are the steps to follow.

Import from Chrome, Firefox, Safari …

If you are using Firefox, Chrome or another browser and you are starting to use Edge and want to have all the data you generated, you just need to navigate to the “Settings” options of the browser.

Just click on the Edge menu through the three dots in the upper right area. We are going to access the “Settings” “menu and there we have to look at the” Profiles “tab that appears on the left side.

When you enter “Profiles” we have to select “Import bookmarks from another browser”, where when you press, Edge offers a drop-down list with different compatible browsers. In my case, Chrome, Firefox (the normal version and the Nightly version), Safari and even via an HTML file appear. In the case of Firefox, it can be imported but with limitations.

We can also choose which profile to import this information into, which is useful especially if the computer is shared with other users and each has an activated profile.

Among the information that we can import into Edge, there are differences depending on the origin of the data that we are going to import. In the case of Chrome as a source, we can choose between “Favorites or favorites”, “Saved passwords”, “Personal information”, “Payment information”, “Browsing history”, “Settings”, “Tabs open “and” Extensions “.

If we are using Firefox as our data source, we have the option of choosing between “Favorites or Bookmarks”, “Personal Information” and “Browsing History”. On the contrary, from Safari, it only allows you to import “browsing history”.

With this system, you can count on Edge with all the information (or almost all, depending on the browser) that you have generated using other alternatives such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari and thus save precious time by avoiding having to enter the data. in a manual.

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