With Telegram, you can make your transfers more private thanks to the latest new feature of the app: now the app allows you to hide the sender of the transfer itself. Simply click on the message to be forwarded and choose the aforementioned function; with more new options now available, like the ability to change the conversation.

Messaging apps have more and more competition, we already know that these types of apps are the most popular on smartphones. There is even other software that ends up competing with private messaging, like Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, apps like Telegram are determined to set themselves apart by implementing more and more features with each update. Telegram 8.0, the latest version of the app, is a prime example: the leap in privacy of forwarded messages is notorious.

Choose in each forward if you want to hide the sender

Whenever we forward a message from a conversation, Telegram adds the name of the person who originally wrote the message so that the author is known. This is a common feature in this type of application, although there are times when it is not very useful, especially if whoever transmits the content wants to keep its author anonymous.

Telegram 8.0 has improved the system of transferring messages between chats to add some privacy, also to make this feature more powerful. Once updated, Telegram gives the option to change the chat where the forwarded message was about to be posted (in case the conversation was wrong). And the option that interests us is also released, hiding the sender.

If you don’t want the person you’re forwarding the messages to to find out who originally wrote them, you need to do the following:

Make sure your Telegram is updated to version 8.0. You can download it directly from the Telegram website. Forward any message in the usual way: long press it until the forward option appears. Choose the chat where you want to send the message, but don’t publish it yet. Click on said referral in the lower writing box. You will see that Telegram displays a menu with different options. Click on “Hide sender”. Click on “Send messages” and Telegram will publish them without knowing who wrote them.

This is a great way to protect the original author of your messages, an action that greatly improves privacy. But with an obvious drawback: this way it is very easy to take ownership of the content sent by another person. One lime and the other sand, as it usually happens.

Telegram update 8.0 is now available on its website, it will also be coming to the Google Play Store shortly. The sender is hidden even for users who have installed another version of Telegram.