Hiding your iPhone’s IP address is one way to protect your privacy while browsing. Today there are several methods to do this easily and without major complications. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

How to Hide Your Tracking IP Address on iPhone with iOS 15

iOS 15 brought a number of new privacy features, including App Privacy Reports. Another of the changes added on this front are changes to the Smart Tracking Prevention feature, a smart blocking of Safari that is now more effective.

We can now use it to prevent trackers from knowing our iPhone’s IP address. To do this, we proceed as follows:

We open the settings on the iPhone or iPad. We go to Safari and look for the Privacy and Security section. Under Hide IP address, we have three options: disabled, trackers only, or trackers and websites. We choose the option we want and leave.

It should be noted that this feature of Intelligent Tracking Prevention is not used to block advertisements. Its real function is to prevent websites from tracking our steps online by hiding our IP address. The IP can be used, together with other data, to create an advertising profile with our activity.

Use iCloud+ Private Relay to Hide Your IP Address

Private Relay is a new feature in iCloud+. iCloud+ was announced last year as a new service that sucked up Apple’s cloud storage space and also added some cool extra features. Specifically, there are three:

Hide my email, where we may create random email addresses for you to sign up for websites and services. Extensive support for HomeKit cameras, with unlimited recordings. Relais Privé, to anonymize our activity on the internet.

It’s the latter that interests us, since it has a feature to hide our exact IP address and limit it to a general area around us or the whole country. With it we can hide our activity only in Safari and not in the rest of the connections or browsers.

Use a VPN to Hide Your IP Address on iPhone

A virtual private network or VPN for its acronym in English can be used to hide the IP address of our device. Setting up a VPN on the iPhone is quite simple when you have contracted one of these services. There are several that can help you connect by hiding your IP address or from another country, so it’s worth checking them out.

As a general rule, it is generally advisable to be guided by those who are paid. Well, the free ones have a lot of features covered and their privacy can be questionable. So choose wisely if you opt for one of these solutions.

VPNs also have the ability to allow you to enjoy geo-restricted content. From series and movies to sports or web pages. It can be a good solution to watch American NFL season.