Summer still has life, a great time to make the most of our iPhone’s camera. We are going to provide you with a complete list of apps to enjoy photos in your gallery: editors, manual camera apps, image editing and much more.

Gemini Photos

Before you start experimenting with our photos, it’s a good idea to get rid of any duplicates. If we are passionate about photography, we will surely take ten photos and keep one, leaving several duplicates on the phone. Gemini Photos is responsible for detecting repeated photos, allowing them to be sent to the trash. The app analyzes our photo library and takes care of the cleaning process.

Halide Mark II

Talking about manual camera apps for iPhone is talking about Halide, probably the best app for carefully controlling our shooting settings. Halide allows you to shoot both the Apple ProRaw format and its own RAW format (a little less washed out, in the experience of a server). It also allows us to control basic parameters in photography such as shutter speed, ISO, focus and others.


Continuing the trend of Halide, there is an app from its creators that allows us to take long exposure photographs in an easy way, without the need for a tripod or additional stand. Introducing Specter, an app that takes seconds to take amazing long exposure shots. The app is responsible for correcting to some extent the little apprehensions we may have while holding our phone, so it’s easy to get some spectacular shots even if we’re not 100% stable.

Touch Touch Up

We’ve all gotten that perfect photograph in which a person, animal, or object was slipped into, which broke the harmony of the photo. TouchRetouch solves it, as it is able to remove objects from the scene, repair parts of it, and even remove some of the lines that remain in the photograph. The retouching is of high quality, since in most cases we do not even notice that elements have disappeared.


If you want to create Instagram stories with exquisite visual language, Unfold is the best option. It is a free application which contains more than 400 models. It was selected in 2019 as one of the best apps on the App Store and it even allows us to schedule our Instagram feed, so that we can see what it will look like after making the posts.

Photoshop Lightroom

A classic on PC, ported as a mobile version. Lightroom is one of the best editors for our iPhone, with the great advantage of being able to copy and paste presets between photos. That is, we can create a DNG as a template, edit it, and copy and paste your edit into another photo. In other words, create personalized and detailed presets. It is a professional application, but anyone can use it because it is very easy to understand.


VSCO continues to be one of the coolest apps when it comes to adding filters to your photos. Just open the app, import the photo, and choose from the dozens of filters it has. We can also edit basic settings like contrast, sharpness, photo brightness and others, besides being a powerful social network in which to share your content.


If you have an older iPhone with night mode, Neuralcam can help you get brighter photos. This is an application that uses machine learning and computer photography to get photographs in very low light conditions. It doesn’t reach Apple’s night mode level, but it’s definitely a big boost for devices with a bit more time.

Lens distortions

As the name suggests, Lens Distortions allows us to artificially generate lens distortion effects. That is, we can add reflections, illuminations, volume of light and others in our photographs, to make them look spectacular.

Black And White Photos

If we pay for Amazon Prime and don’t have an interesting storage plan in iCloud, we can use Amazon Photos to store all of our photos for free and unlimited. The only restriction is for video files, which are limited to 5 GB.

Spark Camera

Spark Camera is a great app that allows us to create videos from photos. Just add photos to create a perfect video to upload to social media.