Yesterday again, the news of the agreement between Apple and Sony with a promotion that will allow any owner of a PlayStation 5 to get 6 months free on Apple TV + (just in time to enjoy premieres like Fundación or series like La Costa de los Mosquitos or Lisey’s story). As we will verify at the end of the process, these 6 months are on top of your current subscription, so if you have a PS5 at home, you can do so at any time to activate the promotion.

Activate 6 months of Apple TV + for free on PS5, step by step

The first step is to turn on your PS5 and go to the “Media Content” section. There we will go to the Apps repository to find the “Apple TV” app and download it. It will surely show up easily at first glance in the highlights section, along with the rest of the streaming platforms. Download it and once in your console, open the app.

We will see a new screen with the promotion, which you can activate or delete using the remote control. If you click on “Get 6 months free”, these additional months will be added to the date of your next subscription payment, if you had it, or from that month.

The next step is to sign in with our Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you can create it at this step by pressing the “Create Apple ID” button. If you already have one active, you can choose to start the session using a mobile device or directly by entering the credentials on the TV.

My recommendation: use the iPhone that already has your account because it will be practically immediate, by scanning the QR code on the screen, your phone will validate you with Face ID and the Apple ID will be activated automatically and, in turn, l ‘subscription :

Instantly, the Apple TV + dashboard will be billed with the subscription activated and linked to our Apple ID. The interface is virtually identical to what can be found on Apple hardware with Apple TVs, and it behaves smoothly and comfortably when navigating through content.

Finally, let’s check from another device if this 6 month subscription is reflected in the Subscriptions section of our Apple account. In my case, here you can see a screenshot before and after the subscription:

As you can see in the picture, the next payment for my subscription was August 1, 2021, and after activation on the PS5 the date was moved 6 months later: February 1, 2022. This change is immediate, not it will take expect nothing to see it reflected in your information. Enjoy it!