On some occasions, this may have piqued your curiosity. Your network is experiencing slow speeds or a broken connection and you wonder if someone is online when they shouldn’t be. You can control who is hooked up to the router, but even easier you can do it from mobile.

There are different applications to know which devices are connected to the home Wi-Fi network and for this tutorial I have chosen to explain a very accessible one available on the Google Play Store. It is precisely called Qui est dans mon Wifi and it offers precisely what it offers. List devices connected to the network.

A large number of homes have a Wi-Fi connection. It is important to change the access password and that it is not the one that the router already offers at the factory. But even so, our network can be exposed and for this reason and in case of doubt, we can check the devices connected with the mobile.

This application is for those who want to know how many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network and if there are any strange ones that should not be on the list. Who’s on my Wi-Fi network scans and lists all devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network in seconds.

To be able to perform this action and once we have installed the application, we only have to grant the necessary permissions and immediately the phone will start scanning and you will be able to see all the devices that you have connected to the Wi- Network If

In each of them, the application displays information about the connected devices, their IP address, subnet mask, DNS used… It also allows you to configure each one to identify them with an icon and their name instead of an IP address.

You can also configure the aesthetic so that you can use dark mode, make it display the name that has been assigned to each device.

Who’s on My WiFi can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store via this link.

who is on my wifi

Developer: Magdalm Download it from: Google Play Price: Free Category: Tools