One of the advantages of Android is that it is possible to install applications from outside the store, via its APK. Moreover, it is also possible to extract the APK of any installed application, along with applications such as Solid Explorer or ML Manager. If you are using Nova Launcher, you don’t have to install anything else.

Whoever has Nova Launcher, has an APK extractor of the installed applications. With this somewhat hidden function, you will be able to save the APK of any installed application, even if it is from the system. Then you can send it to someone else with apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, if you want.

Add the menu to Nova Launcher

The most recent versions of Nova Launcher allow you to extract the APK of any installed app, although you need to add the corresponding menu first. This feature is added in the context menu that appears when you long press an app on the desktop or in the app drawer. Technically, this is the menu of shortcuts or application shortcuts.

By default, the menu to save the APK is not active, so you have to go into the settings of Nova Launcher and activate it. You will find the setting in the Appearance section and then enter Style in the context menu. Then, a series of boxes appear with the available menus. Check the Save APK in app drawer or desktop, depending on your preference.

If you only have a few apps on your mobile desktop, it will pay you more to add the menu to the app drawer. Of course, nothing prevents you from adding it in both places. In the latest version of Nova, these shortcuts are displayed on the same line, so they don’t take up much space.

Extract any APK

The second part is even easier. Long press on the app you want the APK for, until the context menu opens. The top bar displays the icons of the utilities configured in the settings, so the APK icon should appear.

After tapping on it, if you have multiple file managers on your mobile, you will be asked to choose which one to use. This app will let you choose where you want to save the APK that has been generated. Nova export does not allow you to share the APK per se, so you will have to use another app for that.

Of course, keep in mind that this APK that is generated is the version of the application for the architecture of your mobile. That is, it is not guaranteed that said APK can be installed and run on another mobile of another brand or with another version of Android.