With the amount of data passing through our computers, security and privacy are two aspects that we are watching more and more carefully. In the case of our Windows PC, we have a tool that allows us to encrypt files, documents and folders and do so without third-party tools.

A more than practical measure, whether you are simply careful or sharing the PC with another person. A way to limit sensitive information that can be seen by anyone very easy to apply in just a few steps.

Protected from prying eyes

The goal of this tutorial is to learn how to encrypt your files to protect them, which will only require a few simple steps. In this way, the data that we have encrypted cannot be read on another PC.

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The first step to encrypt a document or a file is to position yourself on the element on which you want to work. We will click on it with the right mouse button to access a new window in which we see different options appear.

Of all the options we have to look at one with the text “Properties” and by clicking on it a new window will open in which we have to select the “General” tab.

A window offers data relating to the file. You can therefore see the size or the date of creation, but you have to look for the “Advanced options” section which appears at the end of the list. We find it and click on it.

We will see how a window is displayed with different options among which we will choose the option “Encrypt content to protect data”. This is the one that allows you to encrypt the file and once you activate it, click “OK”.

We will see a warning message regarding file encryption. It asks us if we want to apply the change to this folder only or to all subfolders and files (this is the most recommended option).

Once the file or folder is encrypted (depending on the size it may take more or less time), already protected documents will be marked with a padlock icon in their preview and will only be accessible to the user who has them. encrypted.

If at some point we want to undo the changes, we just have to perform the same steps but now choosing the option “Unlock” in the final window.

With these steps, our files are a little more protected and without the need to resort to third-party applications thanks to the tools built into Windows.