Sometimes a computer may suffer from a lack of speed. This can be due to different factors, the most common being the presence of software that slows down the user experience. There are several ways to regain the lost speed, one of which is to enable hardware acceleration.

If our PC is slow and we have tried the methods we saw at the time, we may choose to take advantage of the power of the hardware our machine is hiding. This way we have more resources to allocate to the apps and this is something we can do by following these steps.

Using the Settings menu

The activation of hardware acceleration on our PC is closely linked to the capacity of the graphics card we have, but also to the CPU. It is about leaning on each other to access more resources.

One way to enable Windows 10 hardware acceleration leads us, as on other occasions, to enter the Start menu and find the “Settings” panel where we will have to scroll down and enter the “System” section. . .

In the system we will see different options and among all those that appear in the left part of the panel we will choose “Screen”. It is in the “Screen” section that you must choose and mark the “Graphics parameters” option to access a new window with several options.

One of those options is “Enable hardware acceleration” and just turn on the switch and then restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Using troubleshooting

Along with this method, there is another one, which, of course, is only valid on some computers. This process involves using the right mouse or trackpad button and, from the options that appear, choosing “Display Settings”. Now we select and enter this section with the left button. and look for the text that says “Advanced display settings”. This is the door to another menu that is the one that interests us.

Click on “Show display adapter properties” and inside of it on “Show display adapter properties” and find a tab called “Troubleshoot” to activate it, then click accept.

In Engadget Windows You can therefore activate ClearType, the function to improve screen visibility exclusive to Windows 10

What happens is our gear may not be compatible so it doesn’t show up or it does, but when you change the options it turns gray and can’t be used.

Does not appear on this computer

These two methods allow a computer that can be erratic in operation, to have more agile performance thanks to the collaboration between CPU and GPU.