We are a few days away from Valentine’s Day, you know, this special day to savor as a couple, or why not, with friends. And as is often the case, technology companies leave us with an interesting tip to get the most out of their products during these holidays. This is the case of the voice assistant Alexa, which incorporates a series of special functions to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

In this article we are going to show you how to activate Alexa’s ‘Love Mode’, which offers a series of voice commands to interact with this smart assistant and help us with our partner, or in case we feel alone and need of company.

How to activate ‘Crush mode’ and take advantage of special Alexa functions

In case we have an Amazon Echo speaker, a mobile phone with the Alexa app for iOS or Android downloaded, or any other device that integrates this smart assistant, we can access a series of special commands for Valentine’s Day . To activate them, all you have to do is wake up the voice assistant by saying ‘Alexa’, followed by the commands that we leave you below:

‘Alexa, turn on love mode’ ‘Alexa, recite a love poem’ ‘Alexa, recite a poem by Bécquer’ ‘Alexa, recite verses from Don Juan Tenorio’ ‘Alexa, give me your Valentine’s Day gift Valentine’ ‘Alexa, have you ever fallen in love?’ ‘Alexa, do you love me?’ ‘Alexa, what are you doing on Valentine’s Day?’ “Alexa, tell me a love joke”

Special Alexa Skills for Valentine’s Day

We leave the answer that Alexa leaves us with each question so that you can discover it for yourselves. But that’s not all, since we can install new Alexa skills based on Valentine’s Day, such as Radio Love. To install any skill, we will first need to download the Alexa app on our mobile phone and link it to our speaker or device that integrates Alexa. You can find more information on how to do it step by step through our guide.